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EMC           Alto -  Mezzo Soprano                Height: 5'8


On Your Feet - UPCOMING


In The Heights


Something Rotten

A Bronx Tale

On Your Feet

On Your Feet

The Bodyguard


Hello Dolly 

A Christmas Story 

West Side Story

Forbidden Broadway 



Ensemble/ US Daniela/Camila





Emergency Replacement/ Big Paquito/Chris

Featured Ensemble/ us Gloria Fajardo

Rachel's Backup Singer

Eva's Sister

Mrs. Rose

Angry Elf


Female Swing

Regional Theater

Marcia Milgrom Dodge - Riverside Theater


Vince Ortega - White Plains Performing Arts Center


Amy Griffin/Justin Boccitto - Sharon Playhouse


Richard H. Blake/Abbey O'Brien - Axelrod Theater

Dana Ianuzzi  - Engeman Theater 


Keith Andrews/Maria Torres - Gateway Playhouse

Keith Andrews/Debbie Roshe - Gateway Playhouse

Igor Goldin/Antoinette DiPietropolo-  Engeman Theater


James Brennan - Riverside Theater 

Antoinette DiPietropolo -Engeman Theater 

Carlos Encinias - Gateway Playhosue 


Gerard Alessandari - Gateway Playhouse 

National Tour

Miss Bell/ us Miss Sherman*

                 Performed Role

Fame: The Musical

Dom Ruggiero/Antoinette DiPietropolo - Weir Productions

Film & Webseries





Hard Laughter

Rio Uphill

The Sessions


TruLight Films


Matt Guren/Ronny Dutra


Elba Camara-Sette


Nick Palazzo

Off Broadway

Woman 1

Featured Ensemble 

A Never Ending Line

Medicine The Musical

Jaime Lozano - Player's Theater

Joey Murray/Josh Assor - HERE Arts Center

Vocal Training: Matt Farnsworth Studios (Mike Maixner), Lexie Dorsett Sharp, Marissa McGowen, Kristy Kates

Vocal Coaching: James Olmstead, Lilli Wosk,

Acting Training: Marshall Pailet Jane Dashow

Commercial Training: Stacy Gallo, Phil Cassese, Brette Goldstein, Angela Mickey, Liz Lewis

Improv Training: UCB Improv 101

Dance Training: Tony Guererro, Debbie Hahn, Susan Turner, Erin Lopez

Masterclass Workshops: Duncan Stewart, Gayle Seay, Pat Goodwin, Bob Cline, Scott Wojick, Kim Graham, Donna McKenna, Blaine Johnston, Brett Smock, (Other Names upon request - continuing education)

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